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Herbwalk in Langkawi where Malaysia Fourth Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohammad had so gracely attended HERBWALK: Medicinal Plants and Herbs in Langkawi the medicinal herbwalk the medicinal Langkawi only pottery work at herbwalk in Langkawi you can get authentic hand-made pottery exclusively at our place Langkawi herbwalk mall online selling paraphernalia all hadmade and authentically Langkawi Herbwalk in Langkawi where Malaysia Fourth Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohammad had so gracely attended

We received a request from a primary school in Langkawi for a study tour of our grounds. They planned to bring 80 students for 2 hours. We were spellbounded for a while. Then we decided to draw out a special programme to make this session with us a memorable one for the children.

The Programme:

Starts at 8:30 am and ends at 10:30 am

The children were pre-divided into four groups to make the size more manageable. We created four special corners in the grounds to keep the children occupied the whole two hours.

A - Herbwalk with Dr. Ghani - 30 minutes
Dr. Ghani will introduce the children to the world of Plants and the wonders that lies within. Children will be shown plants with fragrant flowers, leaves and will be taken into the mangrove backyard of Herbwalk to see some mangrove trees.

B - Story time with Pak Long Bashah - 30 minutes
Pak Long is a very interesting person to listen to. The children love him and his stories. He normally allows them to choose one of three themes to talk on:
  1. 1. The Legend of Mahsuri
  2. 2. The History of Langkawi
  3. 3. World War II in Langkawi
C - Hands on Clay with Abang Adil - 30 minutes
Abang Adil has a small pottery work where he creates souveniers for visitors to Herbwalk and Langkawi. He will take the children into the world of pottery and allow them to dirty their little hands playing with his lump of clay.

D - Make your own bookmark with Auntie Nona - 30 Minutes
Auntie Nona and Auntie Roshadah are two child experts who will show the children how to make bookmarks. Children will be given little cards and are asked to match the plant name on their card with labelled dried plant leaves. They are then asked to used their own creativity to make a bookmark which will be laminated for them.

RATE : RM 5.00 per student

Available : By appointment

Attire : School uniform looks very nice on children. A symbol of pride, discipline and honour.

Minimum: 80 students

Maximum : 120 students

Languages: Arabic, English, Indonesian, Japanese and Malay

Rate Includes: Mineral water and bookmark they created to take home as a souvenier from us.
Mineral water chilled for the children
basil collection
Introducing the world of Plants
fragrant flowers
Listening to Pak Long's stories
akar sora
Getting hands dirty with Abang Adil's clay
strangling fig
Hard at work using their creativity
mangrove wonders
The finished product to take home
NB: Individual programmes are also available to students and rates are negotiable. Please contact us for rates.

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