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Balai is the Malay word for a hall or a reception area. It is the place where the host receives his guests. It is pronounced as "ba-lie" and not the French pronounciation ba-lay which means broom.

The balai can either be a permanent structure when it forms part of a house or palace, or as a temporary structure when it forms part of the reception during festivities e.g. during a wedding reception.

My balai was constructed with the sole purpose of entertaining my guests. This is a semi-permanent structure built of resources obtained within the vicinity of my home.

The structure:

It is a typical Malay kampong structure comprising of 9 tiang (or posts) of a type of hard wood called Malut or Chengal Pasir. The roofing structure is of Tengar wood or Ceriops tagal . The flooring is made of sawn timber bought from a local hardware store.

The Architect and the Builder:

Daim is his kampong name but if you ask the National Registration Department for Daim you would probably be directed to Tun Daim Zainuddin (the former Finance Minister of Malaysia). His registered name is Jaharu bin Kasa. In Langkawi his is known as an Artist. His talent in the arts matches no other in Kampong Padang Lalang. The Balai is designed and constructed by Daim. (More about Daim here)

Phase 1 of construction: Preparing the site and material

Marking out the site

phase 1 phase 1
Daim making his measurements
The site marked out
The kampong builders do not use any sofisticated machineries to mark out the site. Only a measuring tape and four stakes in the ground and a perfect rectangle was finally drawn out.
Preparing the material

stripping tengar
splitting rotan
Yam stripping the tengar wood
Daim splitting rotan ayer
Actually they were rather furious with me for not telling them immediately after the timber arrived. It would make peeling off the bark easier when it is still wet. What do you expect from an ignorant doctor.

Phase 2 of construction: Erecting the Tiang Seri

the hole the erection
The Hole
The Erection
When digging hole one must not do it during peak of the dry season. It was really a very tiring task. This 5 in diameter Malut timber is very heavy indeed. To erect a 23 foot pole on a hot day really took out a lot of energy from the three of us.

Fixing the Tiang seri

Centering the Tiang Seri
Fixing the Tiang Seri

All the Tiang up

Tiang Seri All 9 tiang
Tiang Seri Erected
All 9 Tiang Erected

Phase 3 of Construction: Roofing Structure

structure completed
structure completed
The basic structure was finally completed

Balai Constuction Menu
marking out
Phase 1 - 3  - The structure
Phase 4 - Making the roof thatchet
Phase 5 - Placing the roof thatchet
Acknowledgements to those involved
Daim the master builder and architect
stripping tengar
Yam his untiring wife and helper
Robot - Dayang's nephew from Sabah
Ashraaf my # 5
Annissa my # 6
Ali Hussain
Ali Hussain my # 7
Abu Hussain
Abu Hussain my # 8
They all turned up to make the day a success with their contribution of energy big and small.
And of course MY Dayang the budding photographer

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