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Herbwalk in Langkawi where Malaysia Fourth Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohammad had so gracely attended HERBWALK: Medicinal Plants and Herbs in Langkawi the medicinal herbwalk the medicinal
Langkawi herbwalk mall online selling paraphernalia all hadmade and authentically Langkawi Herbwalk in Langkawi where Malaysia Fourth Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohammad had so gracely attended


A germplasm bank is a collection of genetic material of plants for the purpose of storing it in perpetuity to ensure that such important floral biodiversity remains available and preserved. Such a collection will be able to provide authenticated research material for research institution.

Dr. Ghani started collecting plants with medicinal values from the day he married his petite wife Dayang. What drove him into the realm of Traditional Malay Medicine and the medicine as practiced by the Muslim community of the 8th to the 16th century? It was the plight to treat his wife, who is allergic to most of the drugs in his clinic, of common ailments like headaches and flu, that made him looked into the possibility of using plants as medicine instead of the drugs. Alhamdulillah, he found the relieve his dear wife needed in the plants around him.

Not only did he start collecting plants but it also initiated him into collecting books written as far back as a few thousand years in his search for knowledge which he hope would be of use in the future to help ease the ailing visitors to his house. He has the kind webmasters on the internet to thank for their undivided effort in making available some of the books on the net either in image form or in document forms. His first joy was when he found the full text in image form of the famed Qanun fil Tibb of Ibn Sina a copy dated back to 1593 (that's more than 400 years old) printed in Rome. You can find this at the American University of Beirut's Medical Library. There are other very resourceful sites on the net where one can find books written in the 15th century onwards.

Since his interest basically is in the Traditional Malay Medicine and Islamic Medicine his concentration remains fixed on this but at times it wonders into Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicne where he finds the logics and understanding in the use of plants and other material as medicine.

The links below are to show you his collections. These are however not exhaustive. You will have to visit him to see his humble effort.

1. The Plant Collection
2. The Manuscript Collection
3. The Book Collection

hempedu bumi
Hempedu Bumi
Kandar Rusa
urang aring
Urang Aring

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