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Herbwalk in Langkawi where Malaysia Fourth Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohammad had so gracely attended HERBWALK: Medicinal Plants and Herbs in Langkawi the medicinal herbwalk the medicinal Langkawi only pottery work at herbwalk in Langkawi you can get authentic hand-made pottery exclusively at our place Langkawi herbwalk mall online selling paraphernalia all hadmade and authentically Langkawi Herbwalk in Langkawi where Malaysia Fourth Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohammad had so gracely attended

The mangrove swamp used to be the last place anyone wants to be. The stench puts people off and the dirty, sticky muds shuns most from getting near it.

Today there is much renewed interest in the mangrove swamp as people begin to realize why the Almghty created it. The imprortance of this buffer zone is now realized and in itself has become an attraction.

The three hour cruise along the Ayer Hangat River will take you deep into the mangrove at times we will not hesitate to insist that you get your feet wet . And why not? The more interesting things lies deeper within the mangrove swamp. Unlike the others we take you on our wooden perahu and cruise you along at a leisurely pace so you can enjoy the serenity of the place.

Like the rainforest it is also a dynamic system renewing itself constantly. Harvesting some of the timber within will allow the younger trees to mature faster. However, we abhored at the destruction of the swamp to give way to the artificial aquaculture industry.

The cruise will end at Dr. Ghani's house where lunch is ready for you on the Balai. Lunch will be in traditional Malay style with rice and the usual dishes of curry, ulam (Malay Salad), cooked vegetables and some other surprises. This will be finished with coffee/tea and a chat.

RATE : Contact your travel agent or call us for our rates
Cruise begins at 10:00am and ends at 2:00 pm (4hours).

Available : Mondays and Wednesdays (other days can be arranged by special request)

Attire : Casual ; shorts and slippers (flip-flop) are fine with us.

MInimum: 4 adults

Maximum : 10 adults

Languages: Arabic, English, Indonesian, Japanese and Malay

Rate Includes: Mineral water and sandwiches in a special mangrove cruise tote bag and Lunch. Transport to common pickup point can be arranged at additional cost.

the start
The start
The serenity
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The Stopover
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The Lunch

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